Get the Golden opportunities by getting trained in IoT

IoT can be defined as interplay for software, telecom and electronic hardware industry and promises to offer tremendous opportunities for many industries – Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology

What is IoT?

It is ground-breaking recent technology and has the potential to drastically change and improve our personal lives, our work place and our industry and manufacturing setups. It will change in terms of capabilities and efficiency.  It means that any physical devices which are embedded with electronic softwares, sensors, actuators and network connectivity will be interconnected with each other. In short, it is the inter networking of the smart devices. For examples, smart homes, smart cities and smart management. Smart home for example is complete controlled automation of all the domestic devices like lightning, A/Cs, Heaters, Ventilators, Washers, Dryers, Microwaves, Coffeemakers and Refrigerators etc. with the help of Wi-Fi for remote control.

Is IoT going to revolutionize the society?

Yes definitely. For e.g. on a cold winter evening, you can set your house temperature at normal while returning back from the office. There are number of day to day activities, which we not able to do remotely can be automatically set and done. Similarly it can be done for the workplaces and manufacturing units.

How will IoT improve the competence?

When this level of remote automation is brought into system, it definitely leads to highly level of efficiency, better processes and better life.

How will IoT help common man?

Advantages of IoT application can be for individuals, businesses and including government. The domains are

Healthcare- All the patients’ record can be easily available across hospitals and that will make diagnosis and treatment faster when there is easy access of patient’s history.

Security- Facial recognition, bio metric fingerprints and detecting crimes by remote sensors, the perpetrators are detected and arrested early. In addition, highly volatile areas can be continuously monitored remotely and necessary action can be taken promptly. This kind of system setup reduces dangers, saves time and money.

Domestic-On domestic front, locks can be accessed with smartphones as the key; one can easily lock and unlock doors remotely.

Tracking everyday item consumption in the home can also be done easily and accordingly the order is placed as soon the stock levels go down. In this regard households’ consumption patterns can be known and accordingly with the use of analytics product companies can target their consumers for their advertising and marketing, which will facilitate highly concentrated marketing.

It is expected that by 2020, there will be 50 billion smart devices interconnected to each other. Hence it has started creating huge opportunity in IT as well as other industry sectors to get ready for the change.

More and more companies are going forward to develop IoT technologies and along with it many start-ups will be venturing into Iot area as there are huge bright developments excepted in this domain. Hence lot of job opportunities will be developed in the field of IoT.

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